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THX & Plugin Alliance Spatial Creator v1.0.1

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Added: 23.Mar.2024

Catagory: VST Plugin / AAX / VST3 / Windows

Product ID: 12174

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THX & Plugin Alliance Spatial Creator v1.0.1
Version: 1.0.1Developer: THX LtdFormat: VST3, AAXBit depth: 64bitSystem requirements: Windows 10 +Download Size: 13 MB

Free Download Spatial Creator by THX & Plugin Alliance, Version as an Offline Installer. THX Spatial Creator also allows you to create fully immersive audio mixes.Overview of THX Spatial CreatorThe THX Spatial Creator plugin allows you to binauralize elements in your mix and place them within a three-dimensional immersive audio space. This unique approach to immersive audio is what THX refers to as THX Spatial Audio, which tricks the ears of listeners into hearing sounds all around them when using headphones. The plugin uses a ?neutral? head-related transfer function (HRTF) designed by THX that aims to provide the best immersive audio experience for as many listeners as possible.Features of THX Spatial CreatorBinauralize and place mix elements within a 3D immersive sound fieldUses a ?neutral? HRTF (head-related transfer function) for wide listener compatibilityLeave your stereo mix intact while adding dynamic spatial elementsCreate fully immersive mixes that envelop the listenerHigh-quality 360-degree reverb for realistic sense of spaceWorks as a global reverb for subtle spatial enhancementEncodes spatial elements into a stereo file for streaming compatibilityEnhance podcast or video dialogue and sound effectsWorks seamlessly within your existing DAW workflowAffordable way to share immersive mixes ? no special listener hardware neededTechnical Details & System RequirementsVersion: 1.0.1Developer: THX LtdFormat: VST3, AAXBit depth: 64bitSystem requirements: Windows 10 +Download Size: 13 MB

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