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WA Production Imperfect 1.0.0

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Added: 20.Mar.2024

Catagory: Synthesizer / Windows / Mac OS

Product ID: 16142

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WA Production Imperfect 1.0.0
Platform: Intel/Windows / Mac OSXInterface language: EnglishDownload Size: 100MB

WA Production ImPerfect Synthesizer is a plugin that does not try to achieve pure digital sound, and introduces imperfections into the sound.

Most synthesizer developers try to achieve the most accurate and ideal sound with their designs.

WA Production wants to do the opposite, although they end up doing the same thing but with different sounds. On oscillating detuned oscillators and more.

ImPerfect features a classic synth engine with 5 oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, arpeggiator...

but things get interesting with 3 dedicated modulation sliders: wacky, cracky & shacky. These features introduce modulated effects, rich harmonics, and tuning mismatches to the synthesizer.

Make your pads sound truly analog and keep the arpeggios moving by adjusting these sliders to create all sorts of contour bending scenarios.

The modulations dont stop there; Almost any Imperfect parameter can be assigned to the ever-changing dual X/Y pads and played live or programmed via MIDI automation.
FeaturesA fully functioning synthesizer with the disadvantages of analog style.
5 oscillator modules.

3 unique conversion options.

Hundreds of factory presets.
260 preset waveforms and loading of your own samples.

Double X/Y pads.

Filters and effects.

Real-time waveform display.

Double Envelopes and LFOs.

Full PDF Manual and Training Video.

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