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Apisonic Labs Speedrum v1 5 0

Product Info:

Added: 12.May.2023

Catagory: AAX / AU / Mac OS / Synthesizers / VSTi / VSTi3 / Windows

Product ID: 1840

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Apisonic Labs Speedrum v1 5 0

Speedrum is an MPC-style drum sampler Designed for easy start and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them
32 pads with desired effects and 8 sample layers per pad With the addition of a loop slicer Speedrum Features
Two layouts :
16 pad A/B layout with view of all pad effects or 32 pad layout with view of one FX at a time?
MPC style pad layout
Pads can be triggered by MIDI notes
Multiple pad editing, copy and share, delete, drag and drop
Changing the Multi Pad control, including effect control
Midi-learn for each pad, save/load trigger maps Resizable :
Resizable GUI from 60% to 200% of the default window size
Easy to use user interface
Default behavior settings
Supports saving and loading drum kits
Support for WAV, AIF, FLAC, MP3, OGG file formats
In VST, VST3 and AU plugin format
Written in native C?? code for high performance and low CPU usage Main panel controls :
All the controls you need for quick control: Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan, Pitch?
All pad knob parameters have midi learning capability Voice mode: Retrigger or Poly
8 groups ?Cut? (choking) and ?Cut By?, as well as a trigger pad
Each pad can be set to one of the 16 available stereo outputs
12 colors to highlight a specific pad or group
Humanization of speed, pitch, time and panorama
Volume and pitch envelope for each pad
Easy control of FX sends Main Effects :
Four main effects to further customize the drum pad?
Multiple types of distortion
Easily adjustable multi-mode filter
VCA type compressor for percussion material
transition shaper
General gain control and Hard clipper
In the layout ?all or one Trial layers :
8 layers of samples for each pad with a special editor?
Each layer has the necessary controls, as well as a low and high pass filter
Stretching in time and pitch
Multiple layer playback mode
Reorder layers using drag and drop
Multi-editing layers Waveform :
Non-destructive editor, easily scalable?
Waveform representation of the loaded sample
Adjustable start, end, attack and decay of the sample
Arrow buttons to cycle through all samples in the current folder
Adjustable speed ranges in speed mode Loop Slicer :
Slicing loops into individual drum beats?
Add or remove slicer markers with a simple
Drag and drop pieces to fill pads or layers
Same zoom/navigation as layer waveform
Stretching in time and pitch Two slicing modes :
Different algorithms for different results?
Transients ? with Threshold and Length controls
BPM ? with Bpm and Divisions controls Pad Sends :
Two channels of Send FX or Output?
Send delay effect
Reverb FX send
Or send all pad outputs to a specific output channel Master :
Dynamics for main channel?
VCA type compressor for percussive material
Soft/hard clipper
Output controls Browser :
Built-in sample and drum browser?
With drag and drop sample loading
Information about the sample or drum kit
10 slots for favorite folders
Sample preview option
Selectable output channel
Autoload the selected sample Hi

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