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Psychic Modulation Undertow 1 0 0 (WIN OSX)

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Added: 11.Aug.2021

Catagory: VST / VST Plugins / Windows

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Psychic Modulation Undertow 1 0 0 (WIN OSX)

The Virtual Multi-Effects Processor for Undertow Drumsis a Beat Bending Dub Box designed primarily as a multi-effect block for beats and drum loops, taking into account other applications such as synthesizer, bass and even vocals No matter what sound you add to the Undertow, it will amplify your bass frequencies, cross-fade the signal into the speaker for a low-level phone equalizer, and warm the resulting tone with saturation
Then transmit the processed signal to the Echo for some duplicate, gradual delays Finally, you can play around with the Bend Modulator modulator, which will rhythmically form the overall effect, using phase-synchronized waveforms with adjustable starting position to create things like drum and bass line pumping, strobed delay feedback, phaser and flanger effects, echo melting, spatial effects, and others CharacteristicsTone Booster: Bass Frequency Enhancer
Speaker: Telephone EQ Mixer
Saturation Driver
Echo: Analog tape style dub delay unit
Phase Filter: All-pass Delay Filter
Bend: Beat Specific LFO
Uses include:
Ducking and Pumping
Feedback Gating
Echo Pitch Warping
Phaser Modulation
Flanger Effects
Spatial Effects
Sub Presets for each FX section
Randomization controls for each effect section
MIDI Learn and automation of most parameters
Double-Click Parameter Reset
Intuitive patch management system
128 presets to get you started

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