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Raw Loops RAW 909 Drum Hits [WAV]


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307 Phat Punchy Kicks, Hi-Mid-Low Toms, Open & Closed Hats, Rims, Snares, Rides, & Crashes from the 909 drum machine TR series. These sampled drum hits from the TR Drum Machine Line have been meticulously recorded through a lot of vintage outboard gear including the Neve 1073, 1084, API 512s, Distressor, 1176, LA-3A, LA-2A, & more giving you the true samples and amped sounds.

*Please Note ? ALL of the sounds contained in this pack are also available in the RAW LOOPS ? TR 9to5 Drum Hits bundled package. If you already own the TR 9to5 sample pack DO NOT buy this product, it is only for users who wish to purchase sounds from this drum machine at a discounted price.


Bass Drums ? 52 Creaking 909 kick drums famous for their hard-hitting round punch.Hi Hats ? 31 Open & closed hi-hats from the 909 with different attack and decay times to capture the full & true experience of using the original machine.Snare Drums ? 27 snares from the original at different pitches to grab every tone and bring it to you in the digital world.Hand Claps ? 22 claps originating from the 909 with gentle processing for adding warmth.Toms ? 126 toms (hi,mid,low) from the 909 at different pitches/tunes & decay times giving you all the possibilities the hardware offered. An added folder of 15 triple layered unique tom sounds for the mega rhythm & tone lovers.Rim Shots ? 6 raw rim shot samples from the 909 with small amounts of drive added for thickness.Cymbals ? 44 crashes and rides from 909 at varying pitches to ensure you get your right tone just with the hardwares processing.

ALL One-Shots are 24 bit wav files

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Added: 03.Mar.2023

Genre: Techno or Tech House

Catagory: Samples

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