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Neural DSP Bundle

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Added: 18.Aug.2021

Catagory: AAX / NO INSTALL / Plugin Bundle / Portable / SymLink Installer / VST / VST Plugins / VST3 / Windows

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Neural DSP Bundle

Neural DSP, renowned for its cutting-edge audio plugins, has taken the music production world by storm As of January 1, 2021, Neural DSP introduced a powerhouse lineup of plugins that are set to revolutionize the way musicians and producers craft their sonic landscapes In this article, we?ll explore the impressive range of plugins released by Neural DSP and the system requirements needed to harness their full potential Neural DSP Plugin Lineup:Archetype Abasi v1 1 0 ? Experience the signature plugin of virtuoso guitarist Tosin Abasi This plugin is your gateway to sculpting awe-inspiring guitar tones, capturing Tosin?s distinctive style, and exploring advanced tone-shaping tools Archetype Cory Wong v1 0 0 ? Step into the funk-filled universe of Archetype Cory Wong, created in collaboration with the funk maestro himself Craft groovy and dynamic guitar tones suitable for funk, pop, and various genres with unique features like envelope filters and rhythmic effects Archetype Gojira v1 0 0 ? Dive into the heavy realm of Archetype Gojira, designed in partnership with the renowned metal band Achieve colossal metal and djent guitar tones that pack a punch with intricate features, including amp modeling and signal routing Archetype Nolly v2 0 0 ? Embark on a sonic journey with Archetype Nolly, designed alongside Periphery?s Adam ?Nolly? Getgood Craft versatile guitar tones spanning from pristine cleans to brutal heaviness, exploring an extensive signal chain with cab simulators and post-processing effects Archetype Plini v2 0 1 ? Discover Archetype Plini, a plugin that unlocks a world of sonic possibilities Dive into its features to create beautiful and expressive guitar tones, and explore its wide-ranging capabilities for your musical creations Darkglass Ultra v3 0 0 ? The Darkglass Ultra is your gateway to profound new tones and sustain, with no loss of expressiveness Gain direct harmonic access and explore the unique sonic characteristics of this plugin Fortin Cali Suite v1 0 0 ? The Fortin Cali Suite is a powerhouse of tone, offering a wide range of options for guitarists and producers Dive into its features and sculpt your ideal guitar sound Fortin Nameless Suite v3 0 1 ? The Fortin Nameless Suite is a must-have for any serious guitarist or producer Explore its features and capture a broad spectrum of guitar tones for your musical projects Fortin NTS Suite v2 0 0 ? The Fortin NTS Suite brings versatility to the forefront Dive into its features and experiment with a wide array of guitar tones, from clean and crisp to heavy and aggressive OMEGA Ampworks Granophyre v1 0 0 ? The OMEGA Ampworks Granophyre is a sonic powerhouse, delivering a unique and organic sound palette Explore its capabilities and infuse your music with captivating tones Parallax v1 0 0 ? Parallax is a game-changer in the world of bass processing Dive into its features and sculpt your bass tones with precision and creativity System Requirements: To harness the unparalleled

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