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Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Vintage (KONTAKT)

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Added: 27.Jul.2021

Catagory: Kontakt Libraries / Soundbanks and Presets

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Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Vintage (KONTAKT)

Recognizable sound of a solid-body vintage guitar of the 50s, recorded by an expert session musician over 230 patterns for the sport of combat and overkill Requires metallic element Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6 5 2 and higher!
Further reading
?The clear twang of associate degree picture six-string solid-body guitar
?Over 230 strummed and picked patterns, riffs, glissandos, tremolos, dead notes, and more
?Includes extra melody instrument for your own solosTRUE-TO-NATURE TWANG
ELECTRIC VINTAGE delivers the enduring sound of 1 of the world?s most versatile electrical guitars, captured from an artless, late-50s model in-built the USA It combines a robust, playable engine with a colossal library of strummed patterns, picked arpeggios, and riffs ? for much unlimited inventive mixtures suited to everything from modern pop to rock, funk, dance, hip-hop, and film soundtracks THE GUITAR
One of the foremost omnipresent shapes in fashionable music history, electrical VINTAGE captures the distinctive twang and tone of its 2 single-coil pickups in a very rare early USA model Guitars solely restore with age, and each nicety of this lovely example was created to shine through high-end vintage pre-amps and up-to-date converters throughout studio recording sessions FINE TUNE YOUR TONE
Select and mix pickups, combine in a very very little condenser mic for additional clarity and punch, and dial within the vintage-modelled tone management change temporal order or standardization accuracy, associate degreed add fret noise or amp hiss to form true-to-life session guitar player sound which will be sent through an expanded assortment of stompboxes, modulation effects, five amps, and ten cupboards Add the ultimate polish with top-quality vintage mechanical device, studio EQ, reverb, and delay emulations ? all among the instrument produce your own effects from scratch or get impressed by the intensive library of enclosed sound presets choose YOUR PATTERNS
With 231 patterns, electrical VINTAGE delivers an intensive library across a various vary of taking part in designs ? combining strummed, open, and muted chords, riffs, arpeggios, harmonics, pinch harmonics, reversed patterns, glissandos, dead notes, and more Use keyswitches on your controller to form distinctive rhythms, and build your own mixtures from the pattern browser The integrated Rhythm Finder makes it simple to go looking for patterns by rhythm and taking part in vogue good YOUR PERFORMANCE
Switch between finger and plectron selecting, change muted note decay, and play in higher or lower fret positions to maneuver between hotter and brighter, open-string sounds associate degree expanded vary of performance controls create electrical VINTAGE in an elaborate way tweakable for nuanced playing: Switch up voicings, use sound and pitch bends, or add slides, mutes, and stops for true-to-life performances The engine takes care of authentic transitions, repetitions, and adding ham

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