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ROLI Equator2 v2.5.1


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Team HCiSO | 05 July 2024 | 6.52 GB


Equator2 is ROLIs revolutionary MPE synthesizer, taken to the next level. Create and sculpt any sound imaginable using a vast collection of contemporary synthesis techniques, effects and modulators. Explore an extensive, diverse library of presets, as well as carefully recorded multi-samples. Push the boundaries of expressive sound design with Equator2.

Create any Sound
Six fully flexible source slots let you build unique sounds, drawing on a wide range of synthesis engines. A wavetable oscillator with a library of bespoke waveforms combined with a high-resolution multi-sampler, a granular engine, FM and more to provide an infinite palette of sounds and textures.

Equator2s six independent Source Modules host any one of four synthesis engines for endless sonic combinations. A massive collection of wavetables, multi-samples and granular sources feed the Engines, and every Source Module incorporates its own multimode filter as well as dedicated sends to two further global filters for comprehensive tonal shaping.

? Richly Detailed Samples - An integrated library of multi-sampled instruments ranges from vintage synths to the sitar, orchestral strings, and other acoustic instruments. Its accessible through the Sampler Engine, where you can also easily drag and drop your own samples.

? Granular Engine - The Granular Engine slices samples into grains and helps you tweak their sequential playback, so you can create intriguing soundscapes and textures. Adjust scanning and grain generation rates, grain size and envelope shape, and more. Throw randomization into the mix for a touch ? or a fistful ? of glitch.

? Wavetable Oscillator - The Wavetable Oscillator Engine is an inexhaustible source of classic analog waveforms, designed single-cycle waves and complex wavetables. Dial in-depth, edge, and character within the oscillator itself five unison voices, phase distortion, dual-source FM and ring modulation.

? Noise Engine - A dedicated Noise Engine helps you play with noise, that essential component in percussion, pad, lead and other sounds. Choose from Pink, White and Crackle noise profiles, and customize the output with stereo Width and Density controls.

? Filters and Saturation - Equator2 turns the frequency domain into your sound design playground with a dedicated multimode filter built into its six Source Modules, plus two global multimode filters switchable between four routing schemes and up to 12 more filters in the Effects section. Filter modules offer two flavours of distortion: the gentle Saturation mode and the more overtly destructive Wavefolder mode.

? Global Routing - The Routing section in Equator2 allows for extensive and creative signal routing possibilities. Two multi-mode filters per voice with configurable routing allow you to send independent signal amounts through to effects, filters and ring mod to add depth, separation and complexity to your sounds.

Twist and Shape Iconic Sounds
Equator2 has 42 richly detailed, multi-sampled instruments with 220 articulations and variations. From vintage synthesizers like the Roland System-100 to world acoustic instruments like the Sitar, the samples are highly adaptable, opening new sources of inspiration. Plus, its easy to import your own samples.

Explore a 6GB+ library of richly detailed samples of over 40 acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. From vintage synths, organs and pianos to orchestral strings and world instruments like the Koto, every sample makes for a powerful layering tool within Equator2s broader multi-source architecture, as well as a wholly viable instrument in its own right.

? Iconic Synths - Play with legendary and rare analog synthesizers like the Oberheim OBXa, Roland VP-330, System-100, MKS-70, SH-2 and Juno-6, ARP Solina String Ensemble, and Sequential Circuits Pro-One. Multiple presets are captured from each synth, so you can explore fat basses, punchy leads, retro strings, unison stacks and more.
? Baby Grand - Equator2s sample library is stocked with keyboards, but the jewel in the crown is the Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano. Sampled at Londons Pool Recording Studio with world-class microphones, this 5 6? piano sounds stunning in its default configuration. It also comes in Lo-Fi, Rock and Deep Room versions.
? World Instruments - Equator2 takes you travelling with its groundbreaking collection of world instruments, sampled by recording musicians from Japan to India. Explore the Appalachian dulcimer, Japanese koto, Indian santoor, and Chinese yangquin, among other wind, percussion, and acoustic instruments.
? Electric and Acoustic Instruments - The eclectic collection extends to European and North American instruments like upright and electric pianos, Wurlitzer and Hammond organs, acoustic guitars, electric and double basses.
? Classical Instruments - A suite of multi-sampled classical instruments includes the harp, clarinet, bassoon, flute, oboe, tuba, trombone and trumpet, plus a variety of solo and ensemble strings in sustain, pizzicato and spizzicato articulations.
? Granular Samples - To get the most out of ROLIs bespoke granular engine, ROLI has curated a set of 7 granular instruments, featuring over 250 quirky, mysterious and abstract samples that are perfect for creating huge washes of texture or crunchy, unpredictable mayhem.
? Import your Own Samples - Import your own samples easily to the Sampler and Granular Engines by dragging and dropping. Add multi-samples in SFZ format. Theres literally no end to the sound combinations you can dream up and explore.

Add Expression and Movement
Equator2s versatile modulation system - evolved from ROLIs Cypher2, Strobe2, and Equator engines - makes it easy to add modulation to any parameters. A flexible assembly of envelopes, LFOs, key-tracking sources, and macros animate es and help you create deeply expressive sounds.

Modulation is critical to any great synth sound. Equator2 is packed with flexible source signal generators for automating any and all synthesis, filtering, effects and mixing parameters.

? Envelopes - Five envelopes feature four operational modes - ADSR, ADR, ADADR and ADS-PR - plus shapable Attack, Decay and Release curves. Simultaneous graphical and dial-based interfaces let you hop effortlessly between intuitive editing and precision control.
? LFOs - Five LFOs output a wide range of analog waveforms - including Random and S+H - at up to 40Hz with switchable polarity, host sync, adjustable fade-in and a choice of retriggering or free-running behaviour.
? Multi-Mods - A cross between an LFO, a multi-stage envelope and a step sequencer, Equator2s two Multi-Mod sources let you create custom modulation signals. Draw as many nodes or steps into the graph as you need, curve the lines between them, and set loop points or trigger your modulation in one-shot mode.
? Key Tracking - Draw up to four independent keyboard-spanning mapping curves for separate modulation of multiple target parameters. Specify how those curves affect other mod sources with Add, Scale and Limit modes.
? MPE Performance - Equator2 is built for MIDI Polyphonic Expression control. Tweak four editable mapping curves each for the Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift dimensions of touch when playing on a ROLI Seaboard or other MPE controller. The same modulation curves switch seamlessly to Velocity, Pitch, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Note Off data streams for standard MIDI controllers. Five Macros provide further hands-on control.

Almost every parameter in Equator2 is available as a modulation target, from synth engine and filter controls to effects, signal routing levels and the modulation sources themselves.

? Transfer Function Curves - Every modulation assignment has a dedicated Transfer Function curve editor for graphically defining the mapping between source output and target input.
? Mod Matrix - The Mod Matrix lists all your modulation pairings in one place, providing a useful overview and Transfer Function curve editing.
? Math Modules and Random - Combine pairs of modulation sources using mathematical functions and generate per-note random modulation signals with the Math Modifier and polyphonic Random modules.

Shape, Polish and Refine
Equator2 gives you the power to shape sounds with an expansive rack of effects, filters and dynamics processors. Its easy to arrange and reorder effects with a flexible routing system and drag-and-drop slots.

Refine, polish, and transform your sounds using any combination of 15 signal processing modules in Equator2s 12-slot Effects Rack.

? Dynamics - Level out uneven signals with Compressor, and add punch and space with Noise Gate.
? Distortions and Filters - Two Distortion effects serve up a huge variety of saturation and decimation, while the Filter module replicates the functionality of the Source and Global Filters.
? Modulation - Dial in rich ensemble and psychedelic modulation effects with Chorus, Flanger and Phaser.
? Delays - Serve stereo echoes, vintage tape and BBD emulation, or glitchy granular mayhem with a trio of Delay effects.
? Reverbs - Keep reverberation quick and easy with Lite Verb, or take full control with Big Verb.
? Flexible Routing - Tailor the signal flow with four Effects Rack routing schemes, and FX Send controls on every Source Module, the Global Filters and the Main Out.

Explore Mind-Bending Sounds
Equator2 ships with the biggest, broadest library of MPE sounds in existence. With over 1,300 expertly crafted presets - including over 500 new sounds built for MPE and 800 standard MIDI presets for conventional controllers - Equator2 offers a kaleidoscope of sounds for any music maker.

Made for Seaboard
Designed to harness the unparalleled expressiveness of MPE, the Seaboard is the perfect controller for Equator2. Maximize control of Equator2s sounds and samples on the touch-responsive surface of the Seaboard RI

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