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BLEASS Samplewiz 2 Complete Library Collection v1.6.0 [Synth Presets]


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TeamCubeadooby | 04 July 2024 | 922.91 MB


BLEASS SampleWiz 2 for Desktop as well as all 12 additional preset packs by Jordan Rudess, Dan M?ller, Very Sick Beats, Mika, Limited Audio Samples, The Sound Test Room, Sound of Izrael, Imer6ia and the BLEASS Team (859+ presets).

(Yes, The TeamCubeadooby pulls a doozy once again.)

x64: AAX, VST3

Just install! Same AppID as previous release.

Collaboration of BLEASS and Jordan Rudess!!!

Cubase and Nuendo remain all sorts of messed up, with
official VST3 binary. (Pops and bursts when changing presets -
often where it renders the plugin non-functional.) The TCD fixes for
them have been applied, and they function in these DAWS WELL.
The other DAWs remain unaffected in relation to this. It is all
accomplished by avoiding code entirely that makes the plugins
think and behave as they are in one of the affected hosts.
Switch the presets like a madman, and see its all ok.
Try switching presets slow with official demo,
and not so much. At all. ;)

*Full Official add-on bank RETRO SONIC LOFI added
*There might be another official bank of goodness. ;)

If you would like to make a preset pack and have it included in
the next version release, feel free to use the above e-mail
address to get it on over for inclusion. Presets alone shall
suffice but if you provide graphic too, cool. If not, it
will be made.

Rock on and do enjoy! There is only one you. Keep it loud!


Old information retained, just because:

TCD Notes for Revision Complete Rework

-Complete official library in its entirety is included
-Product icon updated to have transparent background
-Retains the TCD Cubase/Nuendo to keep it working well
in those hosts
-Moved the 2 available additional manufacturer presets packs
to the manufacturer preset system instead of user system
-Moved the TCD presets into their own manufacturer preset pack
and created necessary items for that
-Created missing graphics for MPE Endeavors and Very Sick Beats,
along with creating working plist files that were missing also
-Created more TCD pack presets
-Optimized images while maintaing inability to perceive
any difference whatsoever in quality
-Other random and miscellaneous things to bring it all together well


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Added: 05.Jul.2024

FileSize: 922.91 MB

Genre: Electronic

Catagory: Additional

Product ID: 59746

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