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Will VstPluginz Scam You Out Of Your Hard Earned Money And The Oppertunity You Was Hoping We Would provide You? Robbing You of The Same Oppertunity We Ourselves Benefit From As A Registered Business And Most Importantly As Music Producers Ourselves

Of Course NOT... We Are Professionals And We Benefit From Our Returning Customers.

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We As A Business Are Monitored & Protected By Laws That Require Us To Use Legal, Safe & Rekognised Payment Gateways & Proceedures ( STRIPE )

We Cannot Database Or Store Personal Details & We Have No Access To Our Payments Gateway Database Or Any Personal Information You May Provide During Purchase

Your Personal Details Including Debit Card Details & Bank Details Are Not Accessible Without Customer Consent Via Our Payment Gateway ( STRIPE )

Legally Rekognised Secure & Safe Payment Gateway

It Is Illegal To Obtain And Store Personal Banking Account Details
Without Explicit Consent From The Customer And We Donnot Collect Or Store Such Information
Our Hosting Would Not Allow It And We Couldnt Do It To You Or Ourselves As Professionals

We And Every Registered Business In The World Are Monitored And Regulated
By The Same Legal Policies That Are In Place To Protect You And Ourselves
Our Programming Scripts & Databases Are Scanned Daily By Our Hosting & Domain providers

Please Rest Assured We Donnot Have Access To Any Personal Information
Our Checkout Gateway And Payment Gateways Deal With The Payments & Holding Of Your Funds
Until Release After 24 Hours, We Also Use Secure Rainbow Table Encryption For Your Login Password & Email

At Anytime You As A Paying Customer Or Potential Customer Can Request Proof And Validation
That We Use Legal Payment Gateways, The Code We Use To Impliment Them
And The Structure Of Our Monetery Proceedings & The Administration Process

VstPluginz Checkout Provider Is a Safe, Popular and Legally Rekognised Payments Gateway
No Credit Address or Bank Details Are Available To VstPluginz or Our Customer Advisors

All Transactions Are Initiated Through Our Payment Carting & Gateway Provider STRIPE

You May Request At AnyTime Validation That Your Details Are Safe & Secured By STRIPE

We Unfortunatly Donnot Offer PAYPAL As a Payment Option Due To Refund Scams
You Can However Use Your PayPal Debit Card If You Have Been Provided By PAYPAL

If You Have Any Issues With The Cart and or Payments

Contact Our Customer Support For Alternative Payment Links and Options
We Can Manually Generate Payment Links For Apple, Google & Stripe Payments
You Donnot Need a Stripe Account Or Any Other Accounts To Complete Checkout
And Your Details Will Be Secured By The Payment Provider Used To Take Payment.

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You can also force delete the cache in your browser settings.
Mobile users will need to do this as there is no option to do this at browser level yet
Other Than Loading The Website Using a Private Browser or Another UnUsed Browser

Refunds Are Not A Problem

Contact Our Customer Support To Ask For A Refund At Any Time
Before A Refund Is Provided We Will Offer You Either Remote Installation
Or Another Version Of The Product As Well As Free Remote Installation


We Will However Help You With Install And Provide Alternative Products
If You Have Issues Downloading Installing Or Activating After Purchase

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